My Services

Parent Trainings

My belief is that the parents are the true experts of their unique children. It is an honor and privilege for me to share my knowledge and experience with those wanting to understand the parent-child relationship better and to help guide them in their journey together. Parent trainings are designed based on the child’s developmental age and stage and targets specific topics that parents may struggle with on a day to-day basis. Trainings will help you get a better understanding of your child, as well as give you tools on how to be a more effective and intentional parent.

Virtual PCIT Coaching

Parent Child Interactive therapy (PCIT) is a scientifically supported treatment model designed to help develop positive parent -child relationship and connection in order to help improve child’s behaviors. It is effective with children 2 to 7 years of age with disruptive behaviors, such as tantrums, angry outbursts, defiance, aggression etc. PCIT gives equal attention to the parent-child relationship and to the parents’ behavior management skills. It uses unique combination of behavioral therapy, play therapy, and parent training to teach more effective techniques and improve the connection and relationship between parent and child. This model is based on teaching and coaching parents to develop positive parenting skills embedded in a supportive environment.

Child Individual Therapy

Child therapy most often includes a combination of using play, talk therapy, art, mindfulness exercises, journaling and problem solving to help children resolve current struggles and challenges that are impacting them in their everyday life. Ani’s ability to provide a safe and compassionate space helps her clients feel safe to begin processing difficult emotions, communicating their needs effectively, and learn new strategies to cope with life stressors and challenges.                                                                                                               

Benefits of Therapy

  • Gaining confidence in oneself
  • Effective strategies to identify and process triggers from the past
  • Feeling a sense of calm and peace in life
  • Problem solving challenging stressors
  • Learning to set healthy boundaries
  • Feeling more fulfilled and connected with your purpose of life
  • Becoming the best version of yourself

To live with courage, purpose, and connection - to be the person whom we long to be - we must again be vulnerable. We must ... show up, and let ourselves be seen.

— Brene Brown